I am a proud South African with a strong connection to German heritage.  My father, Roland Ihle, was a German qualified goldsmith who immigrated to South Africa to work for Frans Hirner, Peter Speckmann and Uwe Kotter - a renowned jeweller in the country.

During my visit to Germany in 1984, I accompanied my father to his workplace where I was first introduced to and gained hands-on experience in working with silver.  Looking back, it comes as no surprise that I gravitated towards the path of jewellery making.  The combination of my initial encounter with silver in Germany and my self-taught beading skills formed the perfect synergy, shaping my artistic journey and fuelling my passion for creating unique and meaningful jewellery.

My primary motivation lies in creating pieces that genuinely captivate my own heart and soul.  Each creation is born out of a personal connection and a profound love for the craft.  While my intention is to share these pieces with the world, I do not solely measure their worth by the number of admirers they attract.  Instead, I find immense joy when someone else appreciates my work as much as I do - it becomes an unexpected and delightful bonus, validating the connection I had hoped to forge.  Ultimately, my goal is to infuse every creation with the essence of my passion and bring a touch of that magic into the lives of those who resonate with my art.

I don't rely on inspiration for my designs.  Instead, I let myself be guided by the materials that captivate me, without predetermined notions of how or where they will be incorporated into a piece.  My creative process is driven by a visual intuition and feel.